Copyright Disclaimer


If you have not read the sidebar introduction (which you can find if you click the right hand icon above the header of the blog. If this then this is a regurgitation with also something to say about the use of text actually from my blog.

Images I use are mainly from the internet, I do claim to own any of these unless I state in a port that those images are actually ones. I will when I have the chance to note which images came from which websites especially if used for academic purpose. Images I use from the internet are for only illustrative purpose. not a ‘oooh look at all the images I won’ because I don’t and that is not the case. Just, please don’t sue me. I try.

Not only that, but also if you think for whatever reason you want to reference the work I post on my blog, it is more beneficial to try and use any citations that I have used that are very often found at the end of posts where I quote or reference something that from a difference piece of work.  I am grateful if read for personal interest but if used in your own work, reference with the correct way of referencing or look at the original references at the bottom of this post in my bibliography. That would make your work more professional if you actually READ those rather than this piece. There are many types of software that lots of organisations and exam boards use to check  for copyright infringement or plagiarism. If this post if used for work please be aware of the risks and consequences and if you want CREDIBLE information, the bibliography is going to be the best choice to see if this is actually the information you want. Jut make sure you reference where you get your information if used for other than personal interest.

Another point is the credibility of my work. You have probably that it is better for general information to use Britannica if your education establishment has it because it is academically reviewed rather than Wikipedia in which  anyone can write anything (although the citations people put are often very useful to find the original quote or information from).

As with this, the website you are viewing is a blog, not an academic or organisation run website. I am a university student with a knowledge in my field of expertise which is the Arts and Humanities but my word isn’t golden and there are highly skilled academics and theorists that have published works in which would be better to get similar information from. Because my field of interest is the Arts and Humanities, I am prone to bias and opinion in terms of the blog posts that I write so it is better is referencing any online sources that don’t have that biased undertone or are going to have neutrality in which you can put your opinion if needed forward. Even if you have read some of my work as reading but not part of something like your dissertation, cite it in your bibliography because you might still have been influenced by the way I have written my posts and as I said, software nowadays can detect anything which can reduce how much of your work you can actually claim as yours.

This are the main points I want to highlight so please be aware of the consequences of using my work to influence yours. Also, that I am also aware of plagiarism on my side as well and I will let you know in terms of images what images are actually taken by me and which pieces of information are from other resources, often with quotation marks.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, now done with the boring and ‘grown-up’ but, enjoy!


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