The Blogging Hiatus: Uni Life

SEE! I told this would happen ever since The Late Blogger was posted, this was bound to happen.

Hello readers, if you’re still there.

I haven’t on purposely abandoned this blog, well…

I was very active, in fact I was working on the ‘Til Next Year: August 2015’ and preparing for next months, but no matter what, something small is just going to take you to a grinding halt. That was what happened. I have the entire post prepared. The ending isn’t finished but you can’t tell that anyway. apart from just now when I told you. You didn’t read that *nervous laugh.* I digress. I have written in a diary a summary of main events for this post and yet somehow, we ended up with the post having a different name two months later. Please stick around for the entire post, whoever is left, I have some important updates I think you might be interested in and I would love to hear what you think. Please keep going until the end because this is an update post, one of the very rare that will come out of this blog really.

The first thing is what I have written for my intended post for August, I had others but everything will become clear when I get to this one:

August was fine. I say that to everything. It isn’t that situation where ‘I’m fine’ means the reverse, it was just a month where I drifted along with it, probably because of the personal distress I was going through in very few occasions through the previous months. I was just an active month. I did quite a bit.

We went to Chichester and that was a fun experience. A few weeks ago when my parents and I were planning a holiday we decided to pick the cheapest Travelodge available and it happened to be Chichester…None of use unfortunately have heard of this place until we were doing the planning but I’m glad we went. And the day after we came home, 13th August, was A level Results day.

Now. This is one thing I don’t want to talk too much in detail. I didn’t get bad results, I got for my main results A*BB and it got me into my insurance choice. Frankly, my insurance choice was the better choice at the end of the day and all the departments we have so far talked to in order to get my accommodation and support services sorted were very helpful and it felt as if we got more accomplished in ten days rather than the time spent with the firm choice for two years. I think all-in-all I am going to be happy at Uni. Honestly, there is stress but in a motivating way and I’m not nervous. I think some people in terms of moving are associated with the extremes of ‘Oh My GOD! I am feeling so homesick and I want to leave’ or ‘FINALLY! Get away from home/family/watever.’ I’m neither.

I am going to ‘miss’ my home town but I am only going to be moving from Somerset…to Devon (whoa pony!). Not only that but I am always looking forward to the next step to push myself forward in my life so I don’t miss college or secondary school or so but at the same time I have wonderful memories there. This is a long rambled way of saying that August was the month of my family and I preparing for Uni at a short period of time. And for the course you have been waiting for, i am studying *drumroll*… English with Publishing. Nothing else to say other than pure exciting running through me,

I think due to the ‘Back-to-School’ aura of the summer holiday, I got back into an addiction I thought I swept under the carpet by ‘getting everything I needed’ in my two years of college: Stationary. If you’re anything like me, I don’t need to tell you how satisfying it is to buy new notebooks or start over with a new pencil case, or label your label book with one of it’s own labels in a lilac sharpie (…might be just me).

In fact, I accidentally, and I do mean accidentally, bought an orange James and Friends ‘Eat Sleep Blog Repeat’ pencil case without realising they were created by a popular YouTube called Jim Chapman. Apologies if you are a fan or just a viewer of him, I only knew of him this month. Talk about slow on the YouTuber parade. Oh well, I really like it and it is a really suitable size for my permanent colour markers (I can’t remember what they are called but the ones that are quite expensive in craft shops but are reasonably priced in a limited edition pack from my favourite shop in the world TKMaxx, you know, them!) and felt tips. Just the pens that are worth quite a bit of money and I find a bit discomforting to see them still in a plastic casing or metal tin and not loved in a snuggly pencil case. Just- give me a moment…

*I was young and reckless, and took it way too far. Books leaves me breathless, with nasty paper scars, got a long list of stationary, friends tell me I’m insane. Well I got a blank space, maybe? And I’ll write your name.* Or mine, considering it’s in my possession. Sorry Tay Tay/ Swfity fans, I just spoilt your day. I mean, *Oh My God, look at that space, you look like my next mistake*…dear notebooks. Sorry. I’ll stop.

*Shakes head vigorously* Anyway, the point I was trying to make was because it was August, I could finally use my recycled leather inTempo Diary. It’s A6 with a teal embossed patter and yellow elastic to keep the pages together. This, again, from TKMaxx. This meant also instead of the ‘one line a day’ book I wan planning to get, I began using this just for the year and so far I have been pretty up-to-date with writing about my days concisely (but what do I know I can’t even publish a post on time!). This means I am also basically going to be reading entries but adding extra words in for keys moments of the month. Bear with.

Last month I was taking time off reading, obviously I am getting back into that and somehow in a result of that, my blog got neglected, though my post Let’s Get Visual was scheduled (despite not being shared on Facebook, I felt like I badgered by friends enough) and so you got something. So, I have read Remix by Non Pratt, Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by Chris Riddell and am still reading the 700 paged embark that is A New York Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin.

Reviews are coming, hopefully done by the send of September but I can’t promise anything, we ‘discussed this’ in The late Blogger. But right now, I linked for you the GoodReads pages to all these books if you want immediate opinions from loads of other people with ratings and stats and other stuff. If you are a reader from the beginning, you might have noticed the amount of hyperlinks in this blogposts, that is only because as I was writing I have figured out how to do it. I am taking the opportunity to abuse it and just tempt readers to click links which really aren’t necessary but better have and not need then need and not have you could say.

I also want to say, if you are looking for a good voice to read, not necessarily a blog you might personally identify with, then my friend, Imi Snell’s travel blog (in which prompted me to actually start mine) would be a good one to read. If you enjoy travel blogs, great! If not so much, then just read some of her stuff still. Here is a link to one of her recent blog posts: Imi the Gondolier. She very much puts her tone of voice on the page and it might you laugh. you’ll have to find out. Also, if you like her stuff, just comment on her post ‘Why invite Octavia and not Hannah?’ She might be confused but if not, let her know that she is getting royalty-free promotion from me. You can say whether you liked her stuff if you want. Your choice…

And now we come to hear. I was just going to add more to it on the last day of August and then, all this things started to overwhelm me. I had no accommodation. I didn’t know properly what my insurance choice consisted of. I had no idea what to read. I was unprepared. Even though my family and I planned everything for my insurance University in ten days and got the same stuff completed as the stuff we did for my initial choice in two years, this was consuming me. not with worry or concern, but I was very much in the unknown for the first time. I was fine and I was happy and delighted and all that, but I was still in an unknown space I was never in before and experienced before. This was just enough to make me stop. I dedicated my time to getting ready and settled and I as the blogger would find the right time for me to re-appear again. I didn’t want to create stuff I wasn’t fully engaged because you would only get half of me, and not the same sense of voice you would before in my previous posts.

The best thing I can say I was experiencing was PMS. Not what you think. This is called in the YouTube space: Pretentious Monthly Scrapbook. This is a monthly recap of a YouTuber/Vlogger’s life. One of the first YouTubers, aside their comedy channel, I subscribed to is Jack Howard.

I knew he wasn’t posting regularly these PSM videos but I didn’t harass him on various social media because for one thing, I wasn’t my place to do so and the other thing was that it didn’t matter if he wasn’t posting regularly. For me it didn’t matter because he is a human, he is a busy person I assume because I what I have seen him too and things like this was bound to happen. This was the video he posted and I think I was in the same realm.

We Need to Talk | Jack Howard

I didn’t feel everything he felt but I definitely lacked the urge to write. Because of preparing for Uni life I wanted that time dedicated to that and also not half baked because of a blog commitment. My creative streak was very much more introvert than usual and everything I thought to do with the blog was side-lined. I didn’t feel very restrained by it and because of this decision I am still happy, I am still excited for the next thing, for moving forward and I am still a writer at heart, it just wasn’t physically available for a while, I was closed for business. However you want to put it, I just wanted to stop and not spread myself too thinly. Again. I have done it before and even though I didn’t feel I was suffering, other people could tell and that is when you start to struggle: when you yourself can’t notice it anymore. I’m great now. Just don’t expect me to be on point any time soon, I am now officially a University student as well, but more on that in a bit.

I will be posting a page called ‘Disclaimer’ very soon. It will include what I have written in the sidebar, if you have seen it, awesome, if you haven’t now you will soon. This was basically a copyright disclaimer on the images and/or other media I use on this blog. The added bit would be about the work I post onto this blog. Nothing like ‘I WILL SUE YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU OWN BECAUSE YOU MENTIONED MY BLOG HOW DARE YOU!’ but I will be highlighting the importance of referencing if used in an academic sense because to an extent some of my posts can be used for reference. I will also talk about how credible I can if so because I am a blogger and not a proper subject professional that can be verified on multiple platforms in academic posts (despite being run through the British education system). Just be aware because of my interests i.e. art/literature/film, they can be very much subjective and based on my experiences and not in the objective sense of it. Also be aware I am a blogger, not a Journalist. Not a professor. I will go into detail about referencing and credibility etc etc in this update on the menu. Just be out of the look for it.

Back to Uni life. Part of one of my module assessments for my course is doing a weekly collaborative blog for four weeks. Our group has decided to call this blog The Mayflower Odyssey. This module is focused around the Epic poem ‘The Odyssey of Homer’ and this is a creative writing group project. it is set in Plymouth in Britain and each of us are going to be doing an (up to) 500 word post of creative writing by 5pm Monday the latest based around the Mayflower ship setting sail. I will be posting the first one. I am going to reblog all the posts but remember it is not just me, some of the posts are other people but I will showcase them still. Also bear in mind this blog is an assessed piece of work. You can comment if you wish if I guided you to it but again, this is assessed so copyright regulations are to be considered if you take inspiration from this blog. Reference at the least if you are so inspired by our amazing work. Of course it will be amazing, we have no choice because it is part of our degree. Haha, I kid. Please enjoy if you are interested at all. But that previous part I’m serious about. If you see this the day this post is posted then nothing will show because my post would either not be posted or even written yet. Give it time. It will appear by Monday the latest for every week.

I hope you the best with whatever you’re doing and keep in mind everything I’ve said. Also,well done if you have got this far to the post. Pat yourself on the back because I did throw a lot of updates at you.

Have a nice month and Goodbye, August and September, I’m moving forward.

Til’ Next Year: July 2015

I was going to do one for June but decided against it because I didn’t have many posts, well…

I still don’t have too many posts from July, it was only at the end of July I had the drive to get some posts published and I think A Blogger’s Identity best described what I was going through in terms of the month and my blog. What have I read? I actually haven’t read anything. *shock horror gasp* It’s weird but I think it was nice just for a month to read blog posts from other people and explore other people’s work on the internet. It was also nice to not pick up a book for a while and take a mental break from that, of course it is not going to be like that forever but some days even if you aren’t busy you just don’t want to do anything that you are used to doing.

I am still writing in my Journal about important things that happened in June that I didn’t write about, this means I’m falling behind but I think from this post, I won’t need to over-do the catching up for July. I also need to finish writing in my dream journal…This is turning into more of a to-do list than an overlook. *sigh*

I did multiple things with my family and friends. Met with some friends from Ireland three times, one time to Plymouth. We dined in their caravan, Dad made us curry mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I helped out a friend with their 2BU LGBT stand for a thing in French Weir (Taunton) and that was fun, sorted out student accommodation, went to a meeting to speak to Rebecca Pow, our MP and went to the mid-Devon show in a field nearby Knightshayes instead of the usual field because the contract for that was finished. I think, I could be wrong.

On the last day of July, I went to Crean, the climb up the cliff was fine. I say fine. When I wasn’t using the steps I found myself less out of breath because of how steep the steps were and I had to put a considerable amount of energy as a shorter-than-average-18-year-old into climbing the steps. There were goats. Yeah. Honestly, in terms of a climb, Dad and I saw a great view and came back within about 40 minutes. I just think in my personal opinion that the climb at Crantock was more enjoyable for me. The water was incredible, there were sheep (not as exciting as goats but…no, they just aren’t) and the climb didn’t involve any steps. It definitely took longer to climb so felt a little bit more like an achiev… I’m supposed to be talking ahout this year, not last year!

Anyway, that is a basic summary of the month, I won’t go into too much detail about it because this summer has been a bit more challenging in terms of my personal life with a lot of changes happening and I don’t think so early in the blog I am that ready to over-share. That isn’t what my blog is for anyway. I plan to do a creative writing piece based on the day but it might not be published in a while but watch this space.

This is a short post, but I felt like I had to write something in honour of the month. so,

Goodbye, July.