Hello, Again

Hello Readers,

June 24th 2015, I saw a friend of mine post a blog post and I thought, ‘Hey, they’re a thing, I forgot about that’. Low and behold! Welcome to Blurred Limes.

If you have seen this blog before in 2015 it was called ‘by Hannah Rose Govan’, but I wanted my blog to be more than my name now.

In college, I wrote a series of articles in our college magazine, Forward, called ‘Blurred Lines’ where I talked about (in chronological order) pornography, differences between sex scenes in books and film adaptations, and our moral compass when watching films. Already, I knew what I was was interested in talking about, but NOT A JOURNALIST.

When thinking of re-naming my blog which I did over my Easter break, I first called it B|E|T|W|E|E|N T|H|E L|I|N|E|S (visual puns, I like puns, if you can accept that then you can tolerate my blog posts), but when I typed it into Goggle to see it it changed the name URL (It didn’t which I’m quite happy about) but there was another blog called ‘Between the Lines’ and I didn’t want to take that name from them. I typed in ‘pop culture puns’ and found this image:


And it became a halo-hallelujah-angles-singing-in chorus flying from the heavens with a spotlight over my laptop moment. Chariots of Fire was fully embodied when I typed the new name of this blog.

Currently studying English with Publishing. I love it, I don’t really need to add into that. 

Trying to fulfill a six-year olds dream as an aspiring fiction writer, what else is new.

I quite like Tuesdays, one reason being Tuesday 5th May 2016, I returned from the metaphorical grave of my unintentional hiatus. Almost like death itself, well-

I like talking about things that matter to me. This blog is me. Not the ‘dear diary’ me, I already have a shelve of half-filled journals (I have a problem with stationary, the problem is I like it too much), but the ‘Have you ever thought why blank is blank, maybe it is because of blank’ me. I also write creative writing (who would’ve thought) when the creative smoothies are a flowin’. Art, the media, literature, culture, film, popular culture, the things I am also likely to write about. Not likely, I do writer about that, ignore the ‘likely’.

If you want to know more about the inspiration of this blog in a more off-tangent way, my blog post on Robert Frost is the place to clicky click on, it is one of my favorites I wrote.

Expect an image-overdose, overuse of parenthesis, rants, not proof reading my work properly and enjoy.

Thank you for reading.

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Hello Readers,


‘Two roads diverge in a yellow wood, and I, I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.’

– Robert Frost

I don’t think this needs too much explanation. Only that it has been my mantra for nearly all my life since Zack from ‘The Suite life of Zack and Cody’ went to summer school. Get it, no? Now I feel old.

I’m Hannah Rose by birth but at times I can’t be bothered to explain to people every time that it is my first name so I’ve grown to be just called Hannah. It is only when I hear the bellowing, ‘Hannah Rose!’ I think something is wrong.

I have been meaning to do a blog for a long time but kept putting it off. The power of procrastination you could say. But as an  aspiring writer (Fiction, not Journalism!), I think it was about time I finally opened an account. And what better time to do it than during the summer leading to University.

I enjoy a lot of things; art, literature, photography, topical subjects, music, theatre, talking random rubbish and on purposely alliterating things. So expect a lot of things to be discussed. But hopefully, you find something you enjoy reading and ask more of it. Hopefully. I’m not expecting a mass readership any time soon. Disclaimer: I might get journalistic from time to time but I am a fictional writer at heart. I think it is a good thing to have a discussion about something and even writing the occasional post that might actually turn into a full blown article, but I don’t consider myself a journalist. I think that has become the go-to assumption for when you say your dream job is ‘writer nowadays.’ Or when you do say you want to write fiction, you’re told ‘You can always be a teacher.’ Hahahahaha no. No. No. No….No. Not in the oracle cards for me at the moment. But there is always room for me to change my mind. It would take a very large brick to do that and a writer’s-clock-induced-concussion so…Hannah: not a journalist, not a teacher. If that is the only thing that is learnt in this blog I am fine with that, really.

I ranted on a bit there, sorry. But I think the snail needs some explaining, doesn’t it? Well, this The Snail, by artist, Matisse. In the later years of his life when he became growingly ill, he began ‘drawing with scissors’ with painted pieces of paper. The reason that this one is the most significant is the journey I’ve had with it.

Rewind: Primary School. Does anyone remember the software Paint? Well, in an I.T. lesson it was our job to make our own version of the Snail. We also went on a website called Picasso Head (like making a Potato Head, but in the ‘style’ of Picasso). That was what you can call, the genesis.

Fast Forward: GCSE. We study Matisse’s cut-outs like The Snail but the blue nudes. I think that was also the start of my interest in the human figure.

Fast forward: AS Art. A Critical study session of colour and a slide shown by my future A2 art tutor, Arran, of The Snail. We learnt about the process, the colour, the shapes, the inspiration etc. We were also to make a study of it,

Fast Forward: A2 Art. 2014 and the first art trip of the academic year was at the Tate Modern Gallery in London. We were going to see the largest collection of Matisse’s cut-outs in one space. It was the most exhibited show at Tate in a long time and I was a part of it. Not only that, I got to see The Snail in person. Needless to say I was very giddy whilst friends and strangers why I was drooling. It was the first thing you would had seen entering one of the rooms.

Now: The thing about me writing about this is the fact this piece of artwork has essentially followed me through my life. And it shows how small of a world we are really living in. Whilst this was happening, my passion for writing was kindling still. I have always had a conflicting relationship with art and literature, but I know that creating stories through word was for me the path. And here I am. Finally having a blog.

Enjoy the read. Comments and thoughts appreciated. Hopefully I keep this blog going as long as possible. As London Real Podcast (by Brian Rose) says, It’s about the Journey.