Hello, this is an archive of what I have written. Most recent posts will be listed first. Enjoy!


Responding to ‘Confident and Insecure’ & Internal Monologue – Creative blocks

Cheerio – Very short story

Playing Outdoors – Poem

My Friendship Tree Has A Lot Of Bea Leaves: Casual Musing | Friendship Matters – Adult Friendship

Hello, Again – Re-introduction

Lighthouse – Very short story

The Road Not Taken By Design: Revisiting Robert Frost – Poetry and Inspiration

Art Fart: Fantastical Waves – Art and the Sea

Me, Myself and I: Casual Musing | It’s Good to Be Alone – Musing over our own company

I Blame Mum: Freud, his Ideas and Textual Application – My Experience with Freud

Getting Graphic – Graphic Novels and Illustrated Books


I’m Offended. – Poem

Purple Flags – Poem

History, His Story – Short story

The Blogging Hiatus: Uni Life – Blogging Absence

Let’s Get Visual! – Semiotics

Marilyn – Very short story

Blast From My Past: Enduring Love by Ian McEwan – Creative writing influences

Til’ Next Year: July 2015 – July Overview

‘Creative People Are 1)… 2)…’ no No NO! – Rant

A Blogger’s Identity – Blog post about…blogging

The late Blogger – Blog post about inconsistent blogging

Not a Journalist – Blog post about Journalism

Blurred Lines: Our Moral Compass and the Anti-hero – Article

Hello Readers, – Introduction