Above The Clouds: Casual Musing | Our Thoughts, Imagination and Condolences

There are….*sigh* going to be times when you are just knocked by what you see and what you hear. You experience moments to celebrate but you also experience moments where your ability to think independently and creatively is lost. Where you’re head is no longer in the cloud and has sunk into your entire being; sometimes for reason you can help and sometime for reasons you can’t help. In fact, you might be helpless.

This might be from your thoughts and room to create and imagine is clogged by an oddly empty sort of space. A space that is filled with a numb feeling because you are unsure what to do and how to feel when grief, anger and even feeling social-justicey are clouding the normal thoughts that float in your head. I don’t know about you but this feeling is tiring.

There are times we need to remove ourselves from the shells of our lives and be aware of the lives that have been affected throughout…this entire year. Indirect and direct associations and connections can make us very human and vulnerable but can also reel out an ugly side of us that is only exposed when your thoughts are clogged.

Sometimes for a few days, like myself, your have sparks of creativity, but a build up of things internal and external to yourself are going to shift the way you think about your environment and about people, probably in general. Sometimes, there are actual blurred lines in your thoughts and your imagination: what will happen next? Sometimes those lines aren’t so blurred and something is right or wrong. Sometimes it’s is too hard to tell when your thoughts are clouded by the clogged thoughts of others. We must all at some point have our heads filled with just space.

Right now, there isn’t much of a conclusion. I want there to be one but this is going to be more casual than my other musing I’ve written so far. I’ll leave you with some thoughts from here:



Thank you for reading.

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