Hello, Again

Hello Readers,

June 24th 2015, I saw a friend of mine post a blog post and I thought, ‘Hey, they’re a thing, I forgot about that’. Low and behold! Welcome to Blurred Limes.

If you have seen this blog before in 2015 it was called ‘by Hannah Rose Govan’, but I wanted my blog to be more than my name now.

In college, I wrote a series of articles in our college magazine, Forward, called ‘Blurred Lines’ where I talked about (in chronological order) pornography, differences between sex scenes in books and film adaptations, and our moral compass when watching films. Already, I knew what I was was interested in talking about, but NOT A JOURNALIST.

When thinking of re-naming my blog which I did over my Easter break, I first called it B|E|T|W|E|E|N T|H|E L|I|N|E|S (visual puns, I like puns, if you can accept that then you can tolerate my blog posts), but when I typed it into Goggle to see it it changed the name URL (It didn’t which I’m quite happy about) but there was another blog called ‘Between the Lines’ and I didn’t want to take that name from them. I typed in ‘pop culture puns’ and found this image:


And it became a halo-hallelujah-angles-singing-in chorus flying from the heavens with a spotlight over my laptop moment. Chariots of Fire was fully embodied when I typed the new name of this blog.

Currently studying English with Publishing. I love it, I don’t really need to add into that. 

Trying to fulfill a six-year olds dream as an aspiring fiction writer, what else is new.

I quite like Tuesdays, one reason being Tuesday 5th May 2016, I returned from the metaphorical grave of my unintentional hiatus. Almost like death itself, well-

I like talking about things that matter to me. This blog is me. Not the ‘dear diary’ me, I already have a shelve of half-filled journals (I have a problem with stationary, the problem is I like it too much), but the ‘Have you ever thought why blank is blank, maybe it is because of blank’ me. I also write creative writing (who would’ve thought) when the creative smoothies are a flowin’. Art, the media, literature, culture, film, popular culture, the things I am also likely to write about. Not likely, I do writer about that, ignore the ‘likely’.

If you want to know more about the inspiration of this blog in a more off-tangent way, my blog post on Robert Frost is the place to clicky click on, it is one of my favorites I wrote.

Expect an image-overdose, overuse of parenthesis, rants, not proof reading my work properly and enjoy.

Thank you for reading.

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