Me, Myself and I: Casual Musing | It’s Good to Be Alone

Introvert, Extrovert, Ambivert, Amphibian, let’s just ignore that for a musing or two. At some point, we will all have just the company of ourselves, even if people are around you, you can be alone with your thoughts and only have a connection/interaction with yourself.

adjective, (used predicatively)
1. separate, apart, or isolated from others
2. to the exclusion of all others or all else
3. unique; unequaled; unexcelled

4. solitarily; solely
5. only; exclusively.
6. without aid or help

You can be alone, that doesn’t mean you’re lonely. Now, we got that out of the way.

When you are working, your thoughts are with yourself. When you are typing they are your words you pre-think or unconsciously type by yourself. When you are reading the narration is a voice only in your head. When you listen to a song with earphones the voices are only talking to you in your head. A song might be in your head. You are reading this now you yourself. We do things all the time on our own without the assistance of outside company, and that’s okay, and so is not being alone.

What is great about yourself is that they will listen, they know the right responses, they keep the conversation going and they laugh at all your jokes, even if they shake their head after the shame of a bad pun.

Have you ever noticed the way to speak to people is different depending on who they are? Have you noticed the things you talk about are different depending on who they are? Depending on who they are, have you noticed they have an agenda of discussion just as much as you do? Have you ever noticed when you on your own you don’t have to comprehend or worry about that?

It is your agenda, you think the way you naturally (want to) speak and you think about what you want to talk to someone about, but this time that someone is you. Everybody based on all those factors and more have a certain perception and list of thoughts about you as a person that is specific to them in their perception unless stated otherwise. You are a different person to different people. It is an unconscious performance of a characteristic or extract of yourself.

When you are on your own, there is not need for that ‘performance’ because you (on some level) know who you are. You are truly yourself and all of what people have seen or known or thought about you on your own, there is no different person of yourself in your own head to what you already know and are. Sometimes that can be hindering if you happen to be someone whose thoughts, and feelings change the way you see yourself because the version people have come to known might have changed to what you think of yourself now depending on what your thoughts say who you are on your own. This could possibly, although I have no experience with this so correct me if I am mistaken, be the case if your mental health is not at its best or if you might have a mental illness. Being on your own can be in that sense both a gift and a curse. To have thoughts think the opposite of who you actually are and then in result change the perception of who you are.

Interesting then when looking for the opposite, what is not ‘alone’, there was only one result:

Antonyms for alone

There is the absence of togetherness in the sense of being on your own, but your own company can make you feel as if you are together with your thoughts, your ideas, your conversations in your head, yourself.

We can be together with ourselves, and that is great about being alone because of we aware enough to know that we can not be truly alone if thought is present. It is the absence of thought and communication is when loneliness truly exists.

Thank you for reading.


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