Writer’s Narcissistic Picks


Hello Readers,

If you want to read only the creme brulee of things I have written rather than the jello (please let me know if you get the reference), then these are my favourites that I think won’t waste your time.

Okay, enough waffle (mmmmmmm..), now to shine the spotlight on the pageant contestants (most recent first):


Cheerio – Very Short Story

The Road Not Taken By Design: Revisiting Robert Frost – Poetry and Inspiration

Art Fart: Fantastical Waves – Art and the Sea

Me, Myself and I: Casual Musing | It’s Good to Be Alone – Musing over our own company

Getting Graphic – Graphic Novels and Illustrated Books


I’m Offended – Poem

Purple Flags – Poem

History, his story – Short story

Let’s Get Visual – Semotics

‘Creative People Are 1)… 2)…’ no No NO! – Rant

Blurred Lines: Our Moral Compass and the Anti-hero – Article

If for some reason you crave more of my writing, you can find it in the conveiniently made Catalogue.