New Beginnings

Hello Readers,
This is the fourth and final post of The MayFlower Odyssey. Hope you enjoy it. At the end it circles back to the very first post.

The Mayflower Odyssey

mayflower storm

I had never found the sea particularly comforting, and now, although this cramped space was filled with a great many people, I felt completely alone. The ship was not made to hold this many people and everyone here knew that. The tension and worry seeped into the humid air, so concentrated in such a small space you could practically taste it. 
The boat suddenly tilted at a frightening angle and a small child began to wail. I held my face in my hands and tried to breathe without choking in the stench; a stench that you can’t avoid when you’ve been at sea for over two months. 
The new world was almost in sight. We were assured that we weren’t far away, that it wouldn’t be too long before we could stand on ground that didn’t shift beneath our feet. I longed for steady land more than…

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