I’m Offended.

This is insane.
Completely insane.
It is insane isn’t it?
You think it’s insane right?
Just insane and unbelievable.
I cannot believe it.
It is unbelievable.
Can you believe it?

Can you possibly see what I see?
Are you even seeing what I see?
I can see.
Can you?
Do you hear what they say?
What you see and what you hear,
can you see and hear it clearly?
What is this?

I don’t understand.
Why is this?
Do you know why?
I don’t know why.
That’s why I’m asking you,
please let me.
I need to know why.
Why this is something I cannot believe.
Nor something that you can believe.
So you should also be asking why,
This is something so unbelievable.

I don’t know why,
That it is so insane, so unbelievable.
I also don’t know why
This should be something to believe,
Or not.
This thing that’s insane
Or not.
From what you heard and saw,
Or not,
Do you know why?
Do you?