The Captain

Hello Readers,
This weeks’ piece of creative writing was written by Abigail Joyce and she has focused on the perspective of the Captain at the time of the event. She has gone for a more descriptive way of writing and I think it has worked quite effectively in this piece. Enjoy!

The Mayflower Odyssey


The weak sunlight filtered through the clouds, reflecting off the water and creating gleaming strands of light. Docile waves knocked against the side of a large boat, causing it to gently sway in the harbour. This boat was The Mayflower, a beautiful ship. Four masts held white sails that would billow once upon the open sea. Several men were on board carefully lowering barrels into the hold, wary not to damage the precious goods. Hammocks cluttered the majority of the deck above, the uncomfortable home of the passengers. For a boat over a decade old it was still holding up quite well, its wood was only beginning to fade. The Mayflower’s master stepped off the boat onto the harbour. Weaving around his men, he made his way to the top of the harbour steps, looking back on his boat with pride. After being master for 11 years, Christopher Jones knew…

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