History, his story

Hello Readers,
This is the first post of The MayFlower Odyssey. It is written by me and I hop you enjoy. There will be a new post every week for the next three weeks. As I said in my previous post, you can like and comment if you wish but bear in mind these are going to be assessed pieces of work. If you have not read The Odyssey of Homer, that is not an issue but you might not be able to pick up a few things. If you would like a commentary on my post let me know your thoughts. Enough of the rambling, enjoy!

The Mayflower Odyssey


‘Big Issue, Big Issue. Big Issue, please.’

Ching ching, the change fell into the poor man’s hand. The father’s face was hidden by an emerald cap, advertising his love for a popular American team. A young girl was yanking his left arm hard, unimpressed with the amount of attention he was giving her. The father was holding onto a blue plastic bag filled with florescent toys and token tourist gifts such as postcards. The handles strained and wrinkled due to the weight, so much so the father gave in, dropped the bag and exhaled. The clatter of the girl’s new toys alarmed her, she tried to pick the bag up herself, thinking she had godly might that was beyond her years. Unfortunately, the result was inevitable and her childish strength meant a failure in her goal.

‘Come on now.’ Her father swiftly reached down for her hand and held it…

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