Til’ Next Year: July 2015

I was going to do one for June but decided against it because I didn’t have many posts, well…

I still don’t have too many posts from July, it was only at the end of July I had the drive to get some posts published and I think A Blogger’s Identity best described what I was going through in terms of the month and my blog. What have I read? I actually haven’t read anything. *shock horror gasp* It’s weird but I think it was nice just for a month to read blog posts from other people and explore other people’s work on the internet. It was also nice to not pick up a book for a while and take a mental break from that, of course it is not going to be like that forever but some days even if you aren’t busy you just don’t want to do anything that you are used to doing.

I am still writing in my Journal about important things that happened in June that I didn’t write about, this means I’m falling behind but I think from this post, I won’t need to over-do the catching up for July. I also need to finish writing in my dream journal…This is turning into more of a to-do list than an overlook. *sigh*

I did multiple things with my family and friends. Met with some friends from Ireland three times, one time to Plymouth. We dined in their caravan, Dad made us curry mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I helped out a friend with their 2BU LGBT stand for a thing in French Weir (Taunton) and that was fun, sorted out student accommodation, went to a meeting to speak to Rebecca Pow, our MP and went to the mid-Devon show in a field nearby Knightshayes instead of the usual field because the contract for that was finished. I think, I could be wrong.

On the last day of July, I went to Crean, the climb up the cliff was fine. I say fine. When I wasn’t using the steps I found myself less out of breath because of how steep the steps were and I had to put a considerable amount of energy as a shorter-than-average-18-year-old into climbing the steps. There were goats. Yeah. Honestly, in terms of a climb, Dad and I saw a great view and came back within about 40 minutes. I just think in my personal opinion that the climb at Crantock was more enjoyable for me. The water was incredible, there were sheep (not as exciting as goats but…no, they just aren’t) and the climb didn’t involve any steps. It definitely took longer to climb so felt a little bit more like an achiev… I’m supposed to be talking ahout this year, not last year!

Anyway, that is a basic summary of the month, I won’t go into too much detail about it because this summer has been a bit more challenging in terms of my personal life with a lot of changes happening and I don’t think so early in the blog I am that ready to over-share. That isn’t what my blog is for anyway. I plan to do a creative writing piece based on the day but it might not be published in a while but watch this space.

This is a short post, but I felt like I had to write something in honour of the month. so,

Goodbye, July.