The late Blogger

Hello Readers,

This is going to be more of a disclaimer than anything else. I know sometimes the point of blogging is to create posts in-the-moment whilst at the same time bringing quality. I know that my followers are posting quality stuff regularly and I haven’t done the same thing even though reading the posts gives me the boost and encouragement to write. However, I am going to be posting blogs sometimes everyday, one at a time within a day or even after a week. I think we can all agree that we go into periods of blogging or not. I do have a list of titles that are currently in draft mode and I think that is problem one. Having so many ideas to write I forget some I have been working on or have lost the creative and work on it after days starting it. That just happens. Another problems is because I am reading quality posts, that encouragement to do the same means I want to take longer and more time with those ideas, incubate them and try to get the most out of a post until I think personally is it ready to be published and seen by anyone. Even with articles, I want to find relevant research to decide whether it should be included or not.

So in other words, if you don’t see a post from me in a while, I might be working on a particular blog or I’m just giving myself time to do other things (as said in my ‘About’ I am on my way to becoming a debt-ridden University student so there is going to be prep for that and after the summer actual studying that will be in the way, sorry for the long parenthesis, sorry for saying sorry and making the parenthesis longer…oops (Britney: I did it again!)) such as good ol’ procrastination, other tasks or just taking a break from everything (I like days doing nothing but film marathons and taking an hour to read a single page in a novel because I can’t pick the right song to fit the mood after three/four minutes, sue me (please don’t though, as I’ve said, debt-ridden-uni-student-to-be)).

I will blog, trust me. I’m won’t be on hiatus (yet).

(P.S. sorry for the over-use of parenthesis (please note the irony in this, very happy chappy if you did), and sorry for this one too, how many times should I say sorry? Do I sound stereotypically like the British-polite-type yet?)

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